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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I create/design a To Do?

Go to Manage To Dos > Create New To Do > Fill in details > Next > Design Form > Finish.

Can I create a custom workflow for guests?

Yes, you can create a custom workflow for your guest by adding him as a user.

How can I create a booking?

Click on New Booking > Enter Details > Select Template > Select Workflow > Add Asset > Next > Enter Details > Next. Adding workflows and other details are optional. You may also skip asset if the booking is not asset based.

How can I design a template/ booking Form?

Go to Manage Template> Create Booking Template > Add Booking Name > Submit.


How do I track my active To Do?

Go to Insights >Job Progress > Click on Booking.

For how long Shiperone Workflows stores my data?

There is no time frame. You can access your stored data at any given point in time without losing it.  


How to add a product?

Go to Username > Settings > Assets > Create New > Add Asset Type > Add.

Can I share documents over the chat?

Yes, you can share documents over the chat.

How many users and teams can I add?

You can add unlimited users and teams.

How to add a single user?

Go to Username > Settings > Users > Create New > Enter details > Add.

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