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Shiperone Workflows is a one-of-a-kind platform just for all your supply chain’s needs! Get rid of logistics hassles; assign and perform shipment tasks faster, and experience the new age of data-driven decision-making and improved stakeholder competency.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the results are estimated based on the provided data and assumptions. The actual results may vary.

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Revolutionise your business

Bridge the gap of inconsistencies in your supply chain management by bringing all your stakeholders onto a single platform.

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Digitalized Workplace

Digitalize your logistics operations for transparency and accountability.

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Live updates

Keep track of all the processes in your supply chain operations at every stage.

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Personalised Workflows

Create and operate your workflows as per your wishes and requirements.

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Access data and documents

Easily access your data and upload documents at any time, from anywhere in the world.

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Effective Communication

Connect with your stakeholders and have meaningful conversations without having to constantly remind yourself of the context.

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Effortless Set-Up

Stand alone or integrate your workflows to enhance organisational efficiency.


Simplify Your Supply Chains

A step towards unleashing the power of dynamic workflows.

Activity Dashboard

From monitoring activities to tracking performances, everything is at hand! Build your very own dashboard and monitor your shipment activities

Live Chat

Does your stakeholder take a while to respond to emails? Live chat for instant updates and to anticipate any unseen discrepancies.

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Documents Drive

Now the storage of documents is as simple as a mouse click! Gain access to key documents while also granting or obtaining the documents approvals easily.

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Data Analytics

Analyse how your supply chain operates. With a more accurate and relevant monthly report, assess the credibility of your stakeholders and realign the processes where required.

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Configure Workflows

How easy is it to configure your workflows? Configure your workflows based on the supply chain’s needs. Use the same workflow or create a new one for booking.

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All tasks at hand

Keep up with important dates with simple commands.

Case Studies

Competitive pricing for Freight Forwarders by reducing errors and delays


Managing multiple shipment orders

In today’s world, the term 'freight forwarder' is considered a ‘service provider'. From getting a transporter onboard to keeping track of every detail of each shipment, freight forwarders work with various vendors and clients at the same time.

We tell you how you, as a Freight Forwarder, can become more competitive on pricing by reducing errors and delays.

In a recent event, one of the freight forwarders received a shipment order from a manufacturer to deliver cargo from its point of origin to its destination. In this case, the freight forwarder had to connect with multiple stakeholders and get them on board. Likewise, he was dealing with another twenty clients who wanted to ship their cargo from one place to another.

Missing important dates despite tremendous efforts

The freight forwarder was trying to manage multiple shipment orders from twenty other clients, which involved a huge number of stakeholders and many cargo deliveries. Handling multiple stakeholders’ replies, updates, and follow-ups on different communication platforms is quite a task. And missing out on something or other is quite common.

In this scenario, the freight forwarder already knew the complexity of his work. Although he had put in tremendous efforts to streamline his processes, he somehow missed out on important dates. Also, due to delayed communication and improper planning, the freight forwarder faced backlogs and warehouse overflows. This ultimately made his clients furious, and as a result, he struggled to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the transportation industry and was losing business to competitors who were able to offer more efficient and streamlined logistics solutions.


All stakeholders under a single platform

In this case, the freight forwarder could speed up his logistics operations with Shiperone Workflows without having to integrate his system. One of the major issues that the platform solved was that it brought all the stakeholders under a single, unified platform. The freight forwarder gained an advantage wherein he could connect multiple stakeholders at a single point in time and update them on their cargo movement.  

Shiperone Workflows came as a rescue for the freight forwarder, allowing him to offer streamlined logistics solutions to his clients. With the platform, the freight forwarder:

  • kept track of his activities while assisting him to understand the scope of his businesses in the market;
  • precisely knew the situation and location of the shipment in real-time;
  • could manage all carrier relationships in one place;
  • eliminated the need for multiple systems;
  • reduced the risk of errors.
Data as steering mechanism

The data analytics allowed the freight forwarder to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement in the operations while aiding him in analysing his entire logistics process. Moreover, the 24/7 support team provided all the training and support to ensure that the freight forwarder's employees were able to use the platform effectively and maximise its benefits.

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Three business people discussing on shop floor, using digital tablet
“With Shiperone Workflows, we are able to broaden our visibility and focus on what is important in the current market. We have certainly outgrown our competitors and will continue to do so.”
Case Studies

5 things to do to mitigate challenges in the transport industry


Backlogs and delays are quite common challenges transporters face while operating cargo. The need to mitigate challenges in transport is high. For instance, a transporter who owns a logistics company provides transportation services for a variety of perishable goods that include seasonal fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, and seafood. He has a fleet of refrigerated trucks and trailers that are equipped with the latest technology. He manages refrigerated trucks that deliver goods to multiple locations.

In this scenario, the transporter is highly dependent on delivering fresh products on time, and any delay or damage to the goods can result in significant losses. And managing multiple trucks running here and there is quite a task.

This is how you mitigate challenges in transport
  • Enhanced Visibility: With Shiperone Workflows, the transporter can track his shipment in real-time while also keeping himself updated on the drivers’ progress and cargo condition.
  • Effective Communication: Communication is a major challenge for the transporter as he is primarily reliant on phone calls and emails, leading to miscommunication, delays, and missed opportunities. With the chat feature on the platform, the transporter can easily connect with drivers and his client to update them on the cargo movement.
  • Predict uncertainty: With Shiperone Workflows, transporters can predict situations and overcome the unavoidable challenges raised due to heavy rain, snow, fog, hurricanes, and traffic congestion. The platform enables the transporter to take proactive steps when and where required.
  • Accurate Inventory Management: The platform provides accurate inventory management, enabling the transporter to optimise his stock levels, reduce wastage, and avoid stockouts.
  • Document Accessibility: The platform enables transporters to easily transfer and upload important documents in a systematic manner to avoid misplacement and provide easy access when needed.


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Businessman using tablet in a cafe.
"In transportation, challenges arise every now and then, and staying ahead of them is very crucial. Shiperone Workflows has helped us uncover new business opportunities and stay ahead of the curve."
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How can I create/design a task?

Go to Manage Tasks > Create New Task > Fill in details > Next > Design Form > Finish.

Can I create a custom workflow for guests?

Yes, you can create a custom workflow for your guest by adding him as a user.

For how long Shiperone Workflows stores my data?

There is no time frame. You can access your stored data at any given point in time without losing it.

Can I share documents over the chat?

Yes, you can shared documents over the chat.

How many users and teams can I add?

You can add unlimited users and teams.

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