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June 20, 2023
Profile image of Marvin Kröger
Marvin Kröger
Product Development

Importance of Application Security

In today's world, where digitalization is at its height and software dominates the globe, it has become important to take the credibility and dependability of technology into account. Everything we do while using applications involves fetching our data somehow. Generally, while using an application, we tend to overlook web application security and software safety. But what are the consequences of ignoring application safety measures?

Well, there are multiple possibilities that are currently popping up in our minds. And somehow, at this very moment, we are made to think about and reconsider all the applications that we must be using. Nobody wants to fall prey to cyberattacks!

Application Security

Why Application Security Matters?

The safety of any application is just like the safety of our homes; it defines how safe we are within the four walls. We would not like anyone breaking into our homes, and similarly, we would not like anyone breaching our data privacy and confidentiality.

Application security is equally important in today’s world. Almost every application is easily accessible across several networks and connected to the cloud, which increases their exposure to security and data threats. Even though this might seem insignificant, application security is crucial since even a slight failure can expose users, and everyone linked to it to online dangers. The data captured by Shiperone.com is kept confidential at every stage. To ensure the safety and security of our applications, we adhere to all requisite precautionary measures.

How do we ensure data security?

Our infrastructure is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, and our overall architectural designs are secured with multiple security parameters. On the other hand, our application is VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) tested, which provides us with a detailed view of threats and enables us to protect the systems and data from malicious attacks. Apart from these, we also use various tools for data encryption while in motion and at rest. Information security and data loss prevention are the need of the hour.

At every stage, we make sure our clients experience the digital world free from threats or breaches. Also, our strong cyber security measures ensure not only our company’s data protection but also that of our customers. Ultimately, the implementation of security protocols serves to enhance trust and assurance between the application and its clients.

What do we do to ensure application security?

• Encrypted authentication

• Firmly adhere to all the principles

• Apply network security measures

• Store private data within internal storage

• Share data securely across apps

• Perform strong security checks

• Encrypt data

Complying with GDPR Law

We at Shiperone.com believe in working in a safe and sound environment, and likewise, we want our users to feel the same. To ensure our users’ safety, we thoroughly adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) while collecting and storing personal information about them.

In accordance with GDPR regulations, we

• Ask the user before collecting his personal data

• Being responsible for all the collected data

• Do not share data with other entities without the consent of the user

• Ensure that all the personal data both at rest and in flight, is encrypted

• Use various tools to update or remove personal data, verify, and document the operations. (We do not do this one)

• Maintain two off-site backup copies of personal data

Apart from these, we use cookies to provide a user with a means of opting out of cookie usage. We use cookies to provide a better experience for our users.

Our privacy policy also indicates all the terms and conditions, along with the legality of using our website.


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