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April 13, 2023
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Hans Dekker

Impact of Digitalization in Logistics Industry

Digitalization has transformed the world by combining technologies and the intelligence of humans. Digitalization in the logistics industry aims to use digital technologies in logistical processes with the goal of enhancing companies efficiency. From fostering creativity to promoting innovations, digitalization has propelled businesses to adapt a new culture and review their operations for seamless trade.

It has become one of the core factors that drive organisations to understand market expectations and stand out against competitors to deliver an exceptional customer experience. So, how does digitalization affect your company?


Digitalization in the Logistics Industry

Like every other industry, logistics is highly influenced by the digital revolution. With new competitors in the market, increasing customer demand, and ever-changing world market, staying up-to-date is necessity that enhances the efficiency of services for growth and development. Technological advancement has led logistics processes:

  • to be quicker,
  • leaner,
  • and more efficient.

Digital technologies have helped logistic companies move a large amount of data faster at a fingertip. Apart from the data transfer, digital tools can boost understanding of market demand and the flow of shipments.

Apart from this, many technological changes that have taken place enhance the performance and reach the full capacity of transportation.

How does digitalization impact your business?

You must have heard of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and various technologies that are currently available in the market. Technological tools abolish the traditional way of transportation, where the shippers had to go through the long process of bookings and maintaining long sheets of data.

Tracking and rerouting of consignments are made possible with the help of digital tools. It has become convenient for shippers to plan their operations and take quick yet effective decisions. Although digitalization has eased the logistics process, there are certain challenges that remain and need to be addressed on a single platform.

Challenges the Logistics Industry is facing

Logistics is continuously evolving to promote trade and satisfy the e-commerce market. However, the unavoidable factors create a dire need for effective control and communication.

Although there are several factors that may hamper the flow of consignments, one of the most common is communication. From picking up the consignment to final delivery of the product, communication plays a vital role in painting an entire picture of the goods’ flow. Fragmented or distorted communication adversely impacts delivery times and efficiency. Also, manually tracking the consignment seems like an impossible task. As every task is interlinked with the others, a mere glitch or delay in performing a single task may result in huge losses to all the parties associated with the consignment.

Today, the biggest logistics organisations face difficulties pertaining to proper planning and transparency.

  • Delayed delivery;
  • Limited visibility of shipments;
  • Inconsistent tracking;
  • Increasing transportation costs;
  • Reliable carrier capacity.

All these variables working simultaneously make it challenging for firms to meet client needs. They ask questions like ‘How to track your shipment?’, or ‘How to trace shipment activities?’, and ‘Why is the documentation procedure taking so long?’

These are, of course, questions that constantly cross our minds. But what if there was a digital solution that addressed all your logistics concerns on a single platform.

Best digital solution for Logistics Industry

Shiperone Workflows is an interface logistics platform specially designed to enable customers to assign their shipment activities to vendors and trace them accordingly for a hassle-free logistics process. The user-friendly platform aims to ease the shipping process by:

  • mitigating the risks of improper planning,
  • maintaining consistent tracking of every assigned task,
  • and fixing any issues that may arise during transportation.

Driving to deliver the best, Shiperone Workflows is a step forward to a new era of digital logistics. There are several features that give a broad understanding of the flow of cargo with a single click.


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Shipping made simple: innovation and expertise in freight forwarding.

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We Care About You

Shipping made simple: innovation and expertise in freight forwarding.

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