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April 5, 2023
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Hans Dekker

5 solutions for all of your logistics requirements

Are you concerned about tracking your shipment or unsure about carrier capacity? Whatever your concern is, an extensive digital logistics platform can assist you in every step of your transportation procedures.

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We give you 5 main features that can help you improve your logistics performance.

1. Easy accessibility of data eliminates Excel and Word documents

Earlier data was maintained in Excel sheet or Word file format, which ultimately created chaos while tracking data that was much older than three or four years. With an extensive digital logistics platform, the need to maintain the data on an Excel sheet or Word file is eliminated. Data can be accessed easily at any given point in time from anywhere in the world.

2. Standardised communications

The communication was entirely dependent on the user. A mere delay in response would lead to misunderstandings and mistakes, leading to delays in logistics procedures. The possibility to interact with vendors or customers through a digital interface is more convenient, as it also maintains uniformity and accuracy.

3. Data-driven decisions

In the absence of digital technologies, important decisions were based on a person's knowledge and intuition. A digital platform for logistics allows you to access the right information at your fingertips, which eventually helps mitigate the risks of improper planning and helps users take the right decisions. 

4. Tracking your shipment activities

Tracking has always been one of the major issues in logistics. To address this issue, digitalization makes the tracking of your shipment activities very easy. Any alteration or delay in the transport of a consignment can be tracked in real-time.

5. Digital document store

Earlier documentation was filed on paper and kept in record rooms. The risks of misplacing or mishandling the document were a major concern. Nowadays, digitalization enables users to upload and save documents to a single digital store and in their own cloud. This surpasses the limitations, and the documentation can be done smoothly and error-free at minimum cost with the help of integrations and APIs, irrespective of volumes.


We Care About You

Shipping made simple: innovation and expertise in freight forwarding.

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We Care About You

Shipping made simple: innovation and expertise in freight forwarding.

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